Rapsódias e Lobices
1st Production
Premiere: 01/02/2006

VATE - Rapsódias e Lobices VATE - Rapsódias e Lobices VATE - Rapsódias e Lobices

Tour: Faro, Loulé, Alcoutim, Vila Real de Sto. António, Aljezur, Albufeira, Silves, Lagoa, Vila do Bispo, Lagos, Tavira, Castro Marim, Portimão, Olhão, Monchique, Setúbal, Alcobaça, São Brás de Alportel, Lisboa

The universe of this show is the very human soul: the fear, the cunning, courage, mistakes.
In a world of puppets with different types of manipulation, materials, foam and paper turn into muscle, blood and feelings, looking for that Man in the crossroads, always on his way. Always there, the "kings" of the Fables: sly Fox and strong Wolf. Will the Fox be as clever as it preaches? And is Wolf as bad as it’s said to be? ... This is how we, in a very fun way, discuss such issues as respect, freedom and individuality, in a performance that shows without judging, allowing the viewer to draw his own conclusions.

Press highlight

‘The travellers from VATe left the bus richer, since the voyage they undertook helped them to look at reality, not only in a wiser perspective but certainly in a more joyful way.’
Ana Cristina Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 14/09/06

‘In the end, after the applause, they all say they want more. (…) And the success of the play depends on the spectator participation, in the afternoon, in the workshop that is part of the project and VATe’s real challenge. Because after learning how to make their own puppets, ACTA’s team leaves the challenge to come back three months later to watch a play created by the children that attended their “Rapsódias e Lobices”. (…)’
Alexandra Carita, Expresso, 22/10/06

‘“This is nice, to make us laugh.”, says one of the seventy year old women near the communal washing-place in the village of Mesquita, in São Brás de Alportel. Sitting on a bench, five elders still talk about the show they just saw, like they were children. “These stories are funny, we already knew them, they date back to my grandmother’s time.”, remembers Maria Inácia.
Inside the bus, they can’t stop moving. “This reminds me of the puppets there once was.” - a lady said – most likely referring to the puppets of Sto. Aleixo, that existed in fairs.
On stage, Jorge Soares – the Wolf -, Patrícia Amaral – the Fox – and Carla Dias – the Sheep and some other animals – embody the characters that carry the Fables of La Fontaine throughout Algarve’s backcountry, on a bus. On the rear end, the driver Luísa Silva, is also the sound and lights technician. (…) In an unheard of initiative in the Algarve, these three actors took theatre to where theatre had never stepped in.”
Mário Lino, Observatório do Algarve, 22/10/06