De Ulisses... nunca digas tolices - A Guerra de Tróia
8th Production (Restaging)
Premiere: 23/04/2012

Tour: Castro Marim, Faro, Albufeira, Lagos, Portimão

De Ulisses... nunca digas tolices is a show that narrates the adventures of the popular Greek hero, from an introduction to mythology point of view. Starting from the original text by Alexandre Honrado, with the same name, the world of Ulysses is played in a series of caricatures undermining all the action and, simultaneously, keeping the doors open to the various dimensions of the myth.
Myth does not speak to the intellect, it goes directly to the feeling, and it’s by an inner path that it is understood ... for being experienced in a certain way.
It is as if we peeked, through a kind of coloured kaleidoscope, the entire journey of Ulysses, his cravings and ambitions, the values he believes in, his reactions in the presence of the imponderable, his fears, his struggle and determination. This kaleidoscope becomes a machine to play with, a storyteller who sprinkles what he tells with laughter and shuffling cards.