De Ulisses... nunca digas tolices - O Regresso a Ítaca
9th Production
Premiere: 14/04/2009

Tour: Alcoutim, Faro, Lagoa, Vila Real de Sto. António, Albufeira, Castro Marim, Olhão, Monchique, Portimão, Silves, Loulé, Tavira, Lagos, Aljezur, Vila do Bispo

It’s Ulysses return to Ithaca. It’s about his desire to go back home, and meet his wife and son, after ten years of battles that culminated in the fall of Troy and the victory of the Greeks.
Welcome, then, to this journey of ours that we want to be yours.
Everything seemed ready to end well and quickly. But life has these sort of things... We cannot forget that there are wrecks, the love of goddesses, the struggles against witches and one-eyed giants, the magical singing of the Mermaids, and a never-ending of large and small missteps that can happen to anyone.
Ulysses isn’t an ordinary person. Or is he?
It was by sailing the words of Alexandre Honrado and interconnecting memories from the Western world that our Ulysses was born. A wooden Ulysses, made of screws, paint and with a huge soul, in a universe of humour, as wonderful as it is scary. The Universe of Ulysses is not our universe but we.
In the end, Ulysses ends up winning and conquering his own path. It's the least we can ask a hero. It's the least we can ask you.
Now, as Pulgarina says, Argus pet flea, the faithful dog of Ulysses: "Only a little bite missing and everything ends well ..."