Stick Puppets Workshop
VATe 2009/2010 Workshop - "Knights-errant"


From the characters of the play “D. Quixote and Sancho Pança cross the Universe” we will create stick puppets and with them imagine new adventures. Let’s be knights-errant, travelers, adventurers!!!

Materials to use
5 newspapers (per session)
1 UHU glue tube
1 scissor (per participant)
1 pair of adult socks, black or white (per participant)
2 plastic bottle covers (per participant)
Leftovers from colored cardboards, cards, buttons, mixed cloth of different colours/textures

Material (made available by VATE)
30 sticks and a little theatre for story telling improvisation


Name: “Knights-errant”
Concept: VATE
Duration: 90 minutes
Nº of participants: 30 (maximum)
Supervisors: Jeannine Trévidic, Carla Dias and Luísa Gonçalves
Technique: Stick Puppets
Space conditions: Big classroom (or similar space) with chairs and tables for 30 students.