Sock Puppets Workshop
VATe 2007/2008 Workshop - Let’s play: Theatre! – III


1 - Presenting the workshop
Duration; sharing of experiences in the area of dramatic expression; introduction to the challenge of preparing their own play, after the departure.

2 - Sock puppet construction – Marotte technique
2.1. Models and starting to find a character. The supervisors introduce several and possible examples of sock puppets, teaching manipulation techniques as well as the characters of the puppets –beginning of character search.

2.2. Materials to use: check the materials, previously asked from the class – used socks (preferably coloured), red, white and black cardboards, buttons, wool, glue and scissors. Identify the care one must have with the materials and the tools.

2.3. Construction. Each student constructs his own puppet with the support of the teacher and VATE’s supervisors, emphasizing their physical characteristics and the necessary techniques to that kind of puppet.

2.4. Voice and manipulation exercises: the first steps towards the handling of the puppets, from relaxation to basic exercises of body and voice.

2.5. Definition of character and playing: first, individually, the students try to understand their puppet, exploring its movements, sounds or voice and their gaze. After this, in groups of two or three, start to interact among themselves through a series of dramatic games specific to the puppets.

3 - Conclusion
Final conversation. Joint discussion about the activities they developed, asking questions and comments. Departure.

General Objectives
- Stimulate the taste of learning / teaching of artistic expressions, namely concerning the dramatic game, and the imaginative handling of the puppets;
- Show they usefulness of the artistic expressions as tools for development and expression;
- Induce the group will towards the creation of their own theatre project;
- Host, three months later, the group productions, in the scenic space of the bus.


Name: Let’s play: theatre! III – workshop of artistic experimentation in the area of theatre
Concept: Jorge Soares, Luísa Silva and Carla Dias
Duration: 120 minutos
Number of participants: 30 (maximum)
Supervisors: Jorge Soares, Luisa Silva and Carla Dias
Technique: Marotte (traditional sock puppets)
Space conditions: big classroom or similar space; chairs and tables for 30 students.