Emotions Workshop
VATe 2006/2007 Workshop - Does emotion run through my body?!...


1 - Initial conversation (10 minutes)
What is an intense pleasure?
What is emotion?
Is emotion in my head/heart, or does it also run through my whole body?
What is Dramatic Expression?
Difference between Dramatic Expression and Theatre
Dramatic Expression will help us understand if emotion runs through our body or not.

2 - Exercise (10 minutes)
Relaxation with frightening: all participants lying on the floor, in a comfortable position with their eyes shut, and taking them to a near deep relaxation state, with a soft voice and some visualization (we are on the beach, lying in the sand…); when they are relaxed, make a big noise (slam a door, hit a drum, whistle…). Ask them to sit and pay attention to what is going on with their bodies. Repeat the exercise, making sure they pay attention to their body processes.

Note: in this repetition, the participants are already expecting the loud noise, which should come later to get them by surprise.

- Conversation about the exercise, stating the use of dramatic expression in the knowledge of the body and emotion, useful in an actor’s preparation, but also in life.

3 - Exercise (10 minutes)
The puppets being ready, we start by developing exercises where we learn how to manipulate the puppet (where do we grab it, how does it move, how does it speak, how does it see – explanation and practical exercises) and where we meditate on its profound characterization, (who he is: name, age, where does it live, what does it like/or don’t like to do or eat, what it would change in its life, etc.).

4 - Exercise (10 minutes)
Moving in space: the participants move around the space, acting according to the emotions they are being introduced to, by the monitors (haste, slowness, hot, cold, joy, sadness, energy, tiredness, etc.). Meetings: when they meet in the space (their eyes cross) they should enact: being scared, gently patting their faces, tongues out, and hugging).

5 - Exercise (15 minutes)
Music: Bjork, “It’s oh so quiet”. The participants should move/dance according to the different rhythms of the music (very calm, electric). Following, we replay the same music, but this time, they should go against the rhythm of the music (very calm in the electric part, electric in the calm part).

Music: Mika “Grace Kelly”. Free dancing. They are told that when the song ends, they all should fall on the floor and remain still.

6 - Final conversation (15 minutes)
Still lying on the floor, or already sitting, we talk about the workshop: how they feel; what they felt during the exercises; what exercise they enjoyed the most/the less; does emotion run through the body or not.
Delivering of the Intense Pleasure Ribbons, where they should write a moment of intense pleasure they would like to experience, or have experienced and that they don’t want to forget and hide it in a special place.



Name: Does emotion run through my body?!...
Concept: Patrícia Amaral
Duration: 90 minutes
Nº of participants: 30 (maximum)
Supervisors: Jorge Soares, Carla Dias, Patricia Amaral
Theme: Emotions
Technique: Dramatic Expression