The Project

The project is based on the transformation of a double deck bus into a showroom, with a stage, audience seating, backstage and dressing rooms.

The objective is to work with communities located in the interior of the Algarve, of low population density, geographically apart from the cultural centers and therefore, from the artistic and cultural activities. It consists not only in taking theatre to remote areas, but also to show that this dramatic art can be an important tool of social pedagogy.

The targeted audience is children and the elderly. The artistic techniques privileged in this project will be puppets and animated forms (marionettes, puppets, shadows, etc.), some acting and oral narrative.

Different workshops will also be developed with the spectators, with the objective of stimulating the wish for as well as the artistic expressions, communication, research and inner search. The intention is to take the groups with whom we work, to prepare, between the visits of the bus (which will be two for each group of spectators), a self-made production – a theatre play, readings, narratives, music, whatever they prefer, trying to assemble different generations in working together, involving teachers, grandparents, parents, older siblings, neighbours, etc.

In these workshops, that follow the show, we work group dynamics, dramatic and body expression, research and storytelling techniques, construction and puppet techniques.

We intend, trough the webpage of the project, to give support to the groups that remain at work, but also to anyone who want to know more about Theatre and Education; book references, links, techniques on how to create a short theatre play, stories, pathways and VATE’s show schedules.